Speedplay Pedals

Speedplay pedals give you the winning edge!

A glance is all it takes to recognize that Speedplays are incredibly unique pedal systems. Their advanced appearance is the result of focusing on improving every aspect of pedaling dynamics and efficiency. Come in today and experience just how convenient and wonderful Speedplay's no-look-entry, knee-friendly, and maximum-cornering-clearance pedals are.

Speedplay Zero pedals are perfect for your road bike!This is the titanium-axle version of Speedplay's Zero pedals, used by Team CSC. Zeros allow adjusting the pedals for a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of float, and anywhere in-between. They're low profile for excellent power transfer and cornering clearance. And, they're light weight and dual sided for super-easy, no-look entry and exit. Plus, the engagement mechanism does not rely on spring tension for retention, so you don't have to crank down a tension adjuster just to prevent inadvertent release.

Speedplay Zero cleats offer easy entry and exit!

Instead of trying to improve upon already existing cycling and ski-binding-type pedals Speedplay set out to design pedals ideally adapted to the necessities of cycling. One result of their innovative designs is the Zero cleats (right). Viewed from the bottom (left cleat), you can see the large, low contact area for excellent pedal power and unequalled cornering clearance so you never strike pedals no matter how hot you enter corners. Plus the top view (right) shows how the cleat accepts the popular Look 3-bolt pattern.

Speedplay's Zero Track pedals are made for track riding and racing!The Zero Track lets you micro-adjust 0-15 degrees of float to your preference. You can have the fixed feel of traditional pedals, enjoy 15 degrees of knee-friendly float or set them in-between. The Zero Track features extra-stiff release tension for safety in velodrome racing. And its lollipop design ensures light weight, optimum power transfer and a superb 37 degrees of cornering clearance.

Speedplay's Frogs love the mud and wet!Add spring to your ride with Speedplay's Frog Stainless pedals. These amphibious creatures are almost completely immune to mud and dirt thanks to tough resin bodies and an ingenious design on which the cleat engages the pedal instead of vice versa. It's perfect for off-roading, centuries, touring and commuting. Plus, it's super light and features all the innovations that have made Speedplay famous, including: limitless, knee-friendly float; easy, dual-sided entry and exit; exceptional cornering clearance and rugged construction that lasts and lasts.

Speedplay pedals have high-tech bearings!

This life-size x-ray view of the Frog Titanium shows its titanium axle with needle (left) and cartridge bearings (right). This brilliant design keeps the pedals incredibly light and provides exceptional durability. Plus the bearings keep the pedals spinning smoothly zapping energy-sapping resistance.

Speedplay's X pedals are light and super easy to use!This is the chromoly-axle version of Speedplay's X pedals. These are lightweight, amazing pedals at a great price. They provide knee-saving unlimited float, without the self-centering action inherent in most pedals, so your knees don't have to work against spring tension. The X pedals' compact, low profiles position your feet closer to the axles for optimal power transmission and unmatched cornering clearance. Plus, their dual-sided design offers the easiest entry/exit available.